Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why I've been MIA

In case my {few} readers have been wondering why I have been MIA lately, I thought I'd give you my schedule for today...

6 AM - Woke up, had my coffee, woke up Caiden, fixed his breakfast, made Daniel's lunch, packed a lunch for me and Levi
7 AM - Took a shower, packed Caiden's bookbag, got ready, made Levi's breakfast, washed a load of clothes, folded a load of clothes, cleaned the boys' bathroom, swept the floor, cleaned up the kitchen from last night's supper, cleaned up the living room
9 AM - 1 PM - Worked in the nursery at the YMCA
1:30 PM - Went to Walmart, got some lunch, read 1 chapter in my history textbook while Levi took a nap in the car and we waited for Caiden to get out of school
3 PM - Washed, folded, and put away a load of laundry, packed Caiden's swim bag and baseball bag. Now....taking a break and writing this {short} post then....
4 PM - Grabbing an early dinner for the boys, working at the YMCA until 7:00 while Caiden is at swim practice
7 PM - Head to ball field for the THIRD game this week
9 PM - Back home, baths, and {ahhhhhh....} bedtime

As you can see...I've been super busy!! On top of taking on this new part time job, I have 2 weeks left in the semester and I have been trying to get my assignments done while studying for finals. So for those of you that faithfully read my blog (if there are any of you out there!!), I'm very sorry that I've neglected you. I have several posts I'm looking forward to getting to soon (yes Amanda, I promise I will get "The House That Built Me" up ASAP!). Hopefully once this semester is over I'll feel a little less stressed! In the meantime...have a great evening!!


  1. I am home after being laid off and I am busier than ever!

  2. Glad you're almost done with school and that you are going to get your "house that built me" post up soon...

    By the way...I was thinking in the car today (bad idea!) and I think I AM going to do a "house that built me" post. It might not be as glamorous as yours, but I think it will be interesting.

    Love you!


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