Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothin' Like a Mud Puddle!

Sunday brought a bunch of rain, thunder, lightening, and even tornadoes to our area. Our driveway was full of puddles, and I couldn't resist letting Levi play in them. It was a complete mess, as one of his rain boots was missing and all he had were some snow boots. They weren't waterproof (why, I don't know?), and I dumped about a cup of muddy water out of each boot at the end of our puddle hopping. Oh well, it was fun anyway! Here are a few shots I took. 

Running to the puddles.

Checking out his boots.

Telling me that water splashed on his face. I love this one!

Taken right after he fell in the puddle.

Ha! By far, my favorite! He was a MESS!

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