Thursday, March 18, 2010

What to do now that I'm a grown up, an update, and American Idol

Yesterday, Daniel and I got to talking about what I want to get my bachelor's degree in. Right now, I am just enrolled in an A.A. degree program, which means I will transfer to a 4 year school after I get my associate's. What great about this degree is that I can pretty much go into any field that I want to, which was the whole point of choosing it. I wasn't really sure when I decided to go back to school what exactly I wanted to do.

I have changed my mind a million times...which I guess is normal, especially for me (my indecisiveness drives Daniel insane ;). I originally planned on going into special education and teaching in an elementary school. Then I thought about maybe teaching physical education...which was quite silly since I despise exercise, and I am far from being healthy. I would be quite the hypocrite, don't ya think?? Then I thought that I wanted to teach high school history....which I think I would really enjoy because I love history. Now I am thinking about maybe looking into journalism, which several people have said they think I would be good at.

So...what in the world am I supposed to do?? I have a little while to decide, since I won't finish my A.A. degree for a few more semesters. But it would be nice to have some sort of idea. Ideally, I would be able to talk to my advisor (since she is supposed to ADVISE her students during their academic career...), but she's a total crotchety hag, and refuses to guide me in any sort of direction aside from out of her office...totally frustrating.

Plan on me changing my mind at least 5 more times before I make a decision! :)

And an update on two things. First, we traded in Daniel's piece of junk and got him a decent truck yesterday. I have been calling it the "old man dookie brown truck" because it's (in my opinion) an ugly color. But it really is a nice truck other than that and, as far as we can tell, it is going to be reliable which is all that really matters.

Second...I went to the doctor on Tuesday to get everything set up for a D&C, but it turns out that my retarded body actually knew what it was doing this time around! They did an ultrasound, and it looked as though everything was clearing out on it's own and there is no immediate need for the surgery. Yay!! I'm so relieved. I really didn't want to have to go through that. I wanted to be able to put it behind me and  (somehow) move on. Daniel and I have talked a little bit about trying again, and I think we both really do want to try to add another little one to our family. The doctor told us to wait at least 2 months before trying again. I think Daniel and I are on the same page, and we are just going to see what happens. We weren't really "trying" before, and we're not going to this time either. We'll just see what happens and be happy with the result!

And now for American Idol. If you know me, you know that I watch AI every year. Even though I swear every year that I'm not going to watch it. :) Anyway, I am VERY disappointed in Lacey Brown going home last night. She has a nice voice, even though I know she wouldn't win it all. At least she's better than that stupid Tim Urban. The look on his face (week after week) of "OMG, are you serious?? I made it through? OMG!" is sooooooo annoying! And the fact that he wears skin tight shirts to show off his buffness is completely irritating. I will be so happy when that goofball gets sent home. Just for the faves are Siobhan Magnus (what a name!!), Lee Dewyze, and Didi Benami. I'm hoping Siobhan wins it. I really don't dislike anyone this year....except poo boy Tim Urban.

Have a great day!! (It's going to be a beautiful one here...67 and sunny!)

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