Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Highlights!

We had such a busy weekend! I guess that's not out of the ordinary though, is it?

On Friday, we just hung out around the house. Daniel, Caiden, and I snuggled up on the couch and watched "Where the Wild Things Are", which Caiden and I had been looking forward to seeing for quite a while.

Saturday morning, Caiden and I got up and did a thorough cleaning of his rather ridiculous room. We got into an argument, which ended in me taking almost every toy that Caiden owns and putting them in trash bags. I'm such a mean momma. About a month before Christmas while Caiden was in school, I went into his room and organized EVERYTHING. It took me about three days to finish, and Caiden and I made a deal that he would keep it that way and take care of his toys. Well, Caiden didn't hold up his end of the deal. When I went into his closet over the weekend to help him get it straightened up, it was AWFUL! All of his toys were just crammed in there, and definitely not in their place. There were toys that were broken, and Christmas presents that hadn't even been played with. His video games were strewn all over the room and out of their cases getting all scratched up. I was furious! I told Caiden that his family spends a lot of money on him, and he is being disrespectful for not taking care of his toys. I don't mind him being a slob, but trashing his toys is just not acceptable. So, we bagged everything up except for a few toys. He now has to earn back his toys by proving that he can keep his room picked up and by taking care of the toys that I left for him. He was pretty devastated, but I think (HOPE!) that I got the point across. After a week, if he has kept everything in order, I will start letting him have his toys back one by one. The problem with this is that I gave myself a lot of work to my fury of motherly rage, I threw everything in the bags haphazard. So now I am going to have to sort through all of the toys to make sure they are organized and he can pick out what he wants to get back. I have 8 full trash bags of toys (both in good condition and some broken ones) to sort through. Ugh.

Anyway, after the bedroom fiasco, Caiden, Levi and I headed to batting practice. Caiden did a great job, but he has some work to do. Hopefully Daniel's schedule won't be too bad this week and him and Caiden can get out into the batting cage and hit some balls. Levi had a great time...the field that Caiden practiced on was at the school so Levi had a chance to play on the playground. I wish I had taken my camera...he was so cute! I swear he went up and down the slide about a million times! He was tuckered out once we got home.

After practice, Caiden went and spent some time with his Nana and Pap-paw, and Daniel and I made supper, put Levi to bed, and watched a movie together. We watched "Taken", which is about a man whose daughter is abducted for human trafficking purposes. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep because I kept getting up to make sure all the windows and doors were locked and Levi was safe and sound in his bed. I'm so paranoid!

Yesterday was the highlight of the weekend! Daniel watched Levi, and Caiden, Nana, and I headed to Statesville for Taylor's state gymnastics meet. She was AWESOME! She placed first on beam and floor, 5th on bars and vault, and second all around! Which means she is the novice state champ on beam and awesome is that!? This meet determined the novice state team, which takes the top 6 girls in the novice level in the state to compete. Taylor placed 7th...which means she is the NC State Team alternate!! She was only beat by .025 points. I am so proud of her!!! To place in 7th out of 160 girls is such an awesome accomplishment. I just can't describe how proud I am, and how happy I am to have such a dedicated, hard working, awesome niece. She's amazing!!

Last night, there were several tornadoes that touched down around us. One was only about 4 miles away, and it completely demolished several homes. Daniel and I watched the news until late into the night, and we moved the boys into our bedroom on pallets in the floor. I didn't sleep a wink...I kept getting up to check on them and to check the news. We really need to get a weather radio! We are very fortunate to have escaped all of the storms, and to have just gotten some heavy rain and winds. Maybe I'll actually get some sleep tonight!

Today I am going to be cramming in some homework...because, as usual, I left it to the last minute. I always panic at this point, but I always manage to get it done so I'm trying to keep my cool. I also have some major laundry to tackle and a mess of blankets and stuffed animals in my bedroom floor to put away.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

By the Monday Morning Missions for the week...we have family coming in to visit this weekend, Caiden is out of school for his Easter break, and Levi has a doctor's appointment. So I am just going to try to focus on getting prepared for all of that.

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