Friday, March 12, 2010

Update and Randomness

I went to the doctor today to make sure my HCG levels are dropping like they should be, and my doctor decided he wanted to do an ultrasound because I haven't been bleeding very much.

The ultrasound was hard. I was supposed to be going this morning for an ultrasound to see my baby and the heartbeat, but instead I went this afternoon to see if the miscarriage was complete. It was pretty damn depressing. As I was sitting outside the ultrasound room, I heard a couple in there who was there for an ultrasound of their baby. I could here them laughing and saying "oh how precious!", and then I could hear their baby's heartbeat. It was complete torture. I literally wanted to run out of the doctor's office and scream.

Anyway, there is still some "stuff" (I don't really know how else to put it) in there. Quite a bit actually, which is why I haven't been bleeding very much. So my doctor told me that he wanted to do a D&C next week. I told him that I really didn't want to have to go through that, and I wanted to wait a little bit longer. He said that was fine, that I could come back in next Friday for another ultrasound. He said he doubted it would happen naturally, since my bleeding has slowed down and the cramps have almost completely stopped.

I really hope that he's wrong, and that my body can just do this on it's own. I know a D&C is a routine procedure, and it's no big deal. And actually, part of me would rather just get it over with, instead of waiting on my retarded body. But then again, having anything done at the hospital is a huge hassle when you have two kids at home.

Ugh. This sucks.

On to something a little more cheerful...I ordered some summer clothes for myself this week and I got them in the mail today. Most of the stuff fits, and what doesn't is too big, which is always a plus. I really love everything I bought, and I got enough so that I at least have an outfit for every day of the week, and I don't have to live in raggedy sweatpants all the time. I am so excited that the weather is warming up, but I went outside this evening to talk to Daniel and the mosquitos are already biting! That's one thing about warm weather that I don't think anyone enjoys!

I signed Caiden up for baseball last night. I am so excited about this season! It is his last season of machine pitch, and in the spring he will move up to the minor league (or kid pitch as we call it). I really hope he gets a good coach this year. His coach from last season moved up because his son aged out, and I don't know any of the coaches this go round. I also mailed off the paperwork for him to start on the swim team. I'm also super excited about that! I think it will be great for him. He really needs an outlet to burn off his excess energy, and this team seems to be very dedicated, which I am hoping will teach Caiden some self discipline and help him learn that everything worth achieving takes hard work. He will be practicing 2 nights a week at the pool and 2 nights a week at the baseball field. I guess we'll be super busy, but Caiden really wants to do both and I think it will do nothing but benefit him in the end. Hopefully I'm not kicking myself later!

Levi is crazy. Have I ever said that before? Really, he's a total nut. We're still having issues with bedtime and the opening and slamming door game. I have not been making him take a nap during the day, hoping that it would help at bedtime, but it's just making the days even worse. I love's really the ONLY time I have to myself. And the only time that I am productive when it comes to homework. I think I've discovered that cutting out naps really isn't helping...he's just crankier ALL afternoon, and he falls asleep in the floor way before bedtime. Tonight he went to bed at 6:40 in the living room floor completely naked because I hadn't dressed him yet from his bath. I'm not looking forward to seeing what time he decides to wake up in the morning. Anyway, he's crazy. I don't really know how else to describe him...he jumps off all the furniture, tries to sneak outside when I'm not looking, throws random things in the toilet, tries to give himself a bath when I'm not looking, runs around screaming "not funny!" with my panties on his head, and never fails to find me in the bathroom trying to pee in peace. But hey, the kid is so darn cute that none of that really matters. I just hope that if company is at the house and he decides to give them a show with my panties that he picks a pair that don't look like they belong to some old fat lady. Wait a minute...I don't have any cute panties because I have two wild children and I don't have time to be pulling pretty silk panties out of my butt all day. Oh well.

Now, just a random pointer...when backing out of the Arby's parking lot (or any parking lot for that matter), it's always good to put your car in reverse. It doesn't work out quite well when you put it in drive, look behind you, and hit the gas will end up running over the curb and almost hitting the old woman walking in front of you. Yes, I'm serious.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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