Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning Mission

I had an awesome was so relaxed, and I enjoyed every minute. On Saturday, Daniel had to go to the hunt club to do some stuff and Nana T came over and helped me get my house back in order. She thoroughly cleaned my laundry room...and now it's sparkling! She also did ALL of laundry (Mom, you're a brave woman!), and it smells sooooooo good. We dusted, vacuumed, swept, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms....the whole nine yards. I feel so much better...I was drowning in all the mess and dirt. I guess I was just a little overwhelmed with everything that has been going on lately, and tackling the mess seemed so daunting. Anyway, enough rambling...a


thank you to my lovely Mama for helping me get it clean! It feels so nice :)

Yesterday, Daniel got up and went outside to clean his truck. Caiden and Levi and I picked up the house and had breakfast and laid around until lunchtime, and then we went to the park. Of course, I forgot my camera, as usual. Then we went to Big Lots to look for a tree to plant for our Baby Dot...but we didn't have enough room in the car to bring it home. Daniel is going to go pick one up some time this week, and we'll plant it next weekend. I really wish I had a truck!! Junkman cooked us supper last night...corned beef, pinto beans, green beans, greens, and was so yummy!

Now, on to my Monday Morning Missions. I don't have a whole lot for this week, since my house is nice and clean.

1. Getting back into a routine. For the past couple of months, I've fallen into lazy mode. I haven't been getting up to take my shower before the boys get up, and I've been spending all day on the computer. By about 3:00, I realize that I smell terrible and the house is a disaster, and I spend all evening complaining about everything I have to do. So, I'm going to get back into my routine...hopefully this will help me get out of this funk I'm in.

2. Cramming a bunch of homework in. I should of taken advantage of Spring Break last week and gotten ahead, but of course I didn't. I have a feeling that a D&C is inevitable, so I am going to spend today and tomorrow getting as much homework done as possible so I don't have to worry about it later.

3. Figure out a way to get Daniel a new truck. Of course, Daniel's piece of crap truck is messing up again. Either we are going to have to put a big chunk of money into it to fix it (and then probably do it all over again a few months down the road because it's total CRAP), or just break down and buy him something more reliable. "I told you so!" is so bittersweet. When will he ever learn to just listen to me? Probably never. But that's ok, I love him anyway!

Well, that's it. Have a great Monday everyone!

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