Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Caiden started another baseball season on Sunday. He will be practicing on Sundays and Thursdays for two hours. I am really excited about this season because I think that Caiden will really have a chance to shine. This is his last season playing in the rookie league, which is where they use a machine to pitch the ball. Next season, he will move up to the minor league, where the kids pitch. All of the older, more experienced boys have moved up to the minor league, so this go round Caiden will have the chance to be one of the older, more experienced boys. I'm so excited for him! Since we now have the batting cage here at home, Caiden will have plenty of opportunities to perfect his swing, and he has improved so much when it comes to catching and throwing. His coaches were really surprised at his arm. I was so proud of him at practice on Sunday when he caught a pop fly in left field while playing short stop and managed to get the ball all the way to first. I could see the smile on his face when everyone said "wow! what an arm!". That's my boy! Anyway, his first tournament is April 10th and 11th and we can't wait!

Caiden also decided to join a competitive swim team. This will be his first try at something other than baseball, basketball, and football. He is a little fish and has been swimming on on his own since he was 3 years old. He loves being in the water, and I really think he's going to enjoy it. It's a big commitment...the team practices up to 4 nights a week with 2 practices being required. Their meets are local, around the state, and also out of state for those who qualify. It's also a bit expensive, but I think it's worth it if it can teach Caiden some discipline and the value of hard work, not to mention an outlet for him to burn off all his excess energy. We finished up all of the paperwork yesterday and went and got him a pair of good goggles. His first practice is this evening, and when I woke him up this morning he opened his eyes and said, "I can't wait until tonight!". I can't either...I know it will be hard on me since it's not like the ballfield where I can take Levi and let him run around and play in the dirt. Swim meets are also long, and obviously there's not much for Levi to do. Since Daniel works so much, I know the bulk of the responsibility will be on me. Hopefully I can suck it up and find a way to make it work for Caiden. Levi will just have to learn to not be such a "tank" all of the time. :) And maybe one day they're will be two little Dolan's in the olympics...Taylor in gymnastics and Caiden in the pool!

So I now have on my calendar....Sunday and Thursday - Baseball practice. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Swim practice.  And coming up soon we'll have games and meets to add to it. Not only that, but I am heading into the last half of the semester, which is where the workload gets more intense. Lovely. I was up until midnight (way past my bedtime) working on reading 80 pages, writing an essay, writing essay responses and taking a quiz. I started for the most part around 8:00pm and managed to finish it up right before the deadline. Talk about procrastination. I have no idea why I do that to myself! On top of all that business...I have a toddler to potty train, bills to pay, a house to clean, meals to cook, laundry to do, and a husband to take care of. Whew...I'm a busy woman! ;)


  1. Oh my sister named her son Kaden (spelled differently) He is 1 month old!

    So I use a combination of software but here is a link to what is in my bag. Ironically it was just updated last night!


    My best investment wasn't photoshop... but Nik Color Efex Complete. It is very expensive but I found it at Adorama Camera for about $300.00 instead of $400.00. But it has 52 different filters you can use on your photos. I LOVE this software and highly recommend it. But not if you don't plan on using it to make money. All this stuff is an investment for me so I dont' mind spending the money.

    If you are needing something for just a hobby to use at home I highly recommend Photoshop. I have never used Picasa... and I am sure it offers something to the table, but there is a reason almost 90% of photographers use photoshop. You can find Elements 7 for only $50.00 on places like ebay. It is user friendly and you can do so much with it. If you ever purchase the software and have any questions on how to do things on there let me know and I can share what I do know.

    Also a lot of websites offer free online tutorials on how to do things and then some people sell or even offer "actions" for free for quick photo enhancing... so it is just a never ending wealth of knowledge!

    I hope that helps!

  2. By the way I must mention that Nik Software integrates INTO photoshop... so you would have to have both in order for it to work. It may work for other software but I am not sure you would have to do some research

  3. I love my 50mm!!! And the best thing is it cheap!! It is a f1.8 so you can use it indoors and get some wonderful shots with no flash!

    I haven't gotten an 80mm lens yet. It is actually 2nd on my wishlist of lenses. I need a wide angle that give me a f2.8 aperature first. I highly recommend the 50mm... it is a must have in my eyes. And most of the pictures you see on my blog are from the 50mm. The 85mm will be good for portraits and give you good bokeh. You will have to stand farther fromm your subject then with the 50mm (which is why the 50mm works good in my house cause it is a small house!!) The 80mm is so expensive so I haven't purchased one yet. Anyways hope that helps and yes for sure get the 50mm it is by far my most favorite lens


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