Friday, March 5, 2010

The Boy and the Mouse

Poor Caiden. For the past couple of months he has been asking for a pet. Daniel and I have tried to tell him in a nice way that he is just not responsible enough to have one. We've had animals in the house before, and Caiden was the one who was supposed to take are of them. Of course, it never works out that way. Lately, he's asked for the following:

A puppy. "I need a buddy, mom!" My response: "You have a brother, and I already spend enough time cleaning his accidents out of the carpet."

A snake. I said yes. Daniel said no. Unfortunately, he has the last word.

A lizard. What's the point? They just sit there and eat bugs.

A hamster. I am terrified of hamsters. I had one when I was ten...her name was Daisy and she was a bitch. She bit me every time I picked her up. Not to my dismay, we found her paws up after coming home from  a vacation.

So far, this is all he has come up with. Until today that is. We came home from the grocery store and found Milo (our outside cat) batting around a poor little mouse. I usually turn my head and continue walking inside like one of those people who see little kids getting a spanking in a store thinking "Aww, poor kid. Oh well, there's nothing I can do but walk away and let him suffer without embarrassment." I mean, this isn't a rare thing...that stupid cat catches a mouse about every other day. I can't spend all my time trying to save the mice around here. He's probably keeping them out of my house anyway.

Anywho, poor Caiden spent about 10 minutes chasing Milo away. I told Caiden to chase the mouse off into the woods so Milo couldn't get to it, and then I went inside. About 10 minutes later, Caiden comes walking through the door with the poor violated mouse in his hand as he asked the dreaded question..."can I keep him?" Oh, the horror! I tried my best to explain that he couldn't keep a wild field mouse in his room, especially one that has been mutilated by our evil cat. The look on the kid's face was heartbreaking. I told him we'd take some pictures, and then he had to let the mouse go.


After we took the pictures he walked out the door, tears in his eyes and his shoulders hunched forward. Watching him walk to the field was so sad...I could almost hear Taps playing in the distance.

Yes, he washed his hands thoroughly!!

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  1. pitifully SAD...Nice way to start my day, with the picture of him heartbroken in my head. Let's see....maybe he could get a bird or something...You know he takes after his Nana. I save earthworms off the sidewalk after it rains. about another hermit crab?


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