Friday, February 26, 2010


Ever feel like you are drowning? This week has been full of that feeling...

I'm drowning in snot. I have the Worst. Cold. Ever. Seriously. There's nothing else wrong with me, other than my nose refuses to stop running. I blow it, get 10 seconds of relief, and then it's full again. My nose is so red and raw from blowing that I can barely stand to touch it. I have gone through 3 rolls of toilet paper in two days. My lips are also super chapped and my throat hurts, I guess from sleeping with my mouth hanging open because I can't breathe through my nose.

I'm drowning in homework. I have been so slack this week because I feel so crappy. I have a paper and an assignment due in history, and I have to read about 80 pages and right an essay in lit. Ugh.

I'm drowning in laundry. Again, I've been slack because of this stupid cold.

I'm drowning in mess. My house is a complete disaster. The bathrooms are disgusting, the boys' bedrooms look like bombs went off, the dust is about an inch thick on all hard surfaces, my fridge is so full of old food that I can't fit anything else in it but it wouldn't matter because there's nothing edible in the house anyway because I need to grocery shop. I did manage to mop yesterday.

I'm drowning in dirty dishes. I haven't done dishes in three days. In this house, that is just plain unacceptable...unless, that is, you enjoy spending 15 minutes searching for dishes hidden under beds, 30 minutes scrubbing dried stuck on food, then unloading the few clean dished left in the dishwasher, then loading it, then unloading, loading again, then unloading again because the dishes are stacked almost to the ceiling.

I'm drowning in mail, bills, and paperwork. My "crap pile" as I like to call it is way out of hand. I have so much I need to go through, sort, and file that it makes my head hurt just looking at it.

I'm drowning in my house. Yes, my house. We have been cooped up ALL WINTER LONG. It has been so cold. Even if we do get a sunny day here and there, the yard is such a muddy, nasty mess that it's pointless to even think of stepping outside. I am soooooo ready for spring!!

On the bright side, it's Friday, and every day that goes by means Spring is even closer!! Oh no, that means Spring cleaning is even closer too. Ugh.

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  1. You sound so pitiful I can hardly stand it! That's the perfect reason to have another little messer-upper to join the party!! LOL You know I love you Honey. It will get better, cold will pass, Spring will come, and Caiden will want a car, Levi will want a "John-Jere", and Daniel will get a raise....!! :0


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