Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Genius's official. Levi is just too damn smart. For the past six months he has amazed us with how much he can fit into his little head. He learned his colors in just a few days, can count to ten (when he feels like it and with a little help), knows just about every animal there is to know, can sing along with Moose on Nick Jr. and with the annoying little kids on Barney, and so many other things that he just seemed to learn overnight. And he's not even 2 yet!

This brings me to the reason for this post....other than bragging on my awesome baby, that is! Yesterday, we discovered that Levi suddenly learned how to open all the doors in our house. Ahhhh!! Talk about chaos! I spent my day chasing the little monster all over the house. Normally, I keep the bedroom and bathroom doors shut and he pretty much can roam around the rest of the house all he wants. I spent yesterday about to pull all my hair out.

Levi is really pushing the boundaries of this new found freedom of his. He decided that 50 Q-tips needed a he threw them in the toilet. Meanwhile, I was trying to fix lunch. I heard a door open, but I figured it was to his bedroom. Nope. Needless to say, I was digging Q-tips out of the toilet which, not surprisingly in this house, someone forgot to flush. G-R-O-S-S!

Another room that is off limits to Levi is Caiden's bedroom. It's usually disgusting. I've given up trying to keep it clean; Caiden is just a natural slob, I guess. Anyway, while I was using the bathroom, Levi opened the door to Caiden's room, found his golf clubs, and proceeded to bang on the wall with the putter. So, as I was running out of the bathroom with my pants around my knees, he came running out waving the club back and forth. When he saw me, he did an abrupt 180, headed to the bedroom and slammed the door in my face. I guess he thinks I'm not as smart as he is and I can't open doors. :)

Then bedtime...ahhh. I love bedtime. Levi is my easy child when it comes to bedtime. Every night, we give him a bath, brush his teeth, give him juice cup, his "pity" (passie), and his "bees" (blankies), and he climbs in his bed, says "nite nite Mommy" and rolls over and goes to sleep within 10 minutes. No longer is this the case. Daniel and I spent an hour taking turns putting Levi back in the bed. I swear he got up 50 times, opened his door and came running out. We finally took the Nanny 911 approach and sat on the couch waiting for him to come out. Every time he opened his door and came barreling through the living room, we picked him up and put him back in his bed without a word. It was horrendous!! He screamed, kicked, hit, and made me and Daniel feel like terrible parents. Eventually, he realized that we were waiting right outside his door, and he would open it a crack, peek out, and when he saw us he would slam the door and run back into bed. Over. And. Over. Ahhh! It was a complete nightmare!! Eventually he wore himself out and went to bed. Daniel and I went to bed and giggled for quite a while at how funny it was.

I looked up door knob covers online, but they won't fit our knobs because they are an odd shape. Daniel suggested we buy new door knobs, and I told him he was an idiot and we just need to teach Levi not to open the doors. However, after only being awake for a couple hours and I've already run myself ragged trying to keep the Qtips and the golf clubs in their proper place, I think he might be onto something.

Oh, the joys of raising a genius. :)

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