Friday, February 26, 2010


Ever feel like you are drowning? This week has been full of that feeling...

I'm drowning in snot. I have the Worst. Cold. Ever. Seriously. There's nothing else wrong with me, other than my nose refuses to stop running. I blow it, get 10 seconds of relief, and then it's full again. My nose is so red and raw from blowing that I can barely stand to touch it. I have gone through 3 rolls of toilet paper in two days. My lips are also super chapped and my throat hurts, I guess from sleeping with my mouth hanging open because I can't breathe through my nose.

I'm drowning in homework. I have been so slack this week because I feel so crappy. I have a paper and an assignment due in history, and I have to read about 80 pages and right an essay in lit. Ugh.

I'm drowning in laundry. Again, I've been slack because of this stupid cold.

I'm drowning in mess. My house is a complete disaster. The bathrooms are disgusting, the boys' bedrooms look like bombs went off, the dust is about an inch thick on all hard surfaces, my fridge is so full of old food that I can't fit anything else in it but it wouldn't matter because there's nothing edible in the house anyway because I need to grocery shop. I did manage to mop yesterday.

I'm drowning in dirty dishes. I haven't done dishes in three days. In this house, that is just plain unacceptable...unless, that is, you enjoy spending 15 minutes searching for dishes hidden under beds, 30 minutes scrubbing dried stuck on food, then unloading the few clean dished left in the dishwasher, then loading it, then unloading, loading again, then unloading again because the dishes are stacked almost to the ceiling.

I'm drowning in mail, bills, and paperwork. My "crap pile" as I like to call it is way out of hand. I have so much I need to go through, sort, and file that it makes my head hurt just looking at it.

I'm drowning in my house. Yes, my house. We have been cooped up ALL WINTER LONG. It has been so cold. Even if we do get a sunny day here and there, the yard is such a muddy, nasty mess that it's pointless to even think of stepping outside. I am soooooo ready for spring!!

On the bright side, it's Friday, and every day that goes by means Spring is even closer!! Oh no, that means Spring cleaning is even closer too. Ugh.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Genius's official. Levi is just too damn smart. For the past six months he has amazed us with how much he can fit into his little head. He learned his colors in just a few days, can count to ten (when he feels like it and with a little help), knows just about every animal there is to know, can sing along with Moose on Nick Jr. and with the annoying little kids on Barney, and so many other things that he just seemed to learn overnight. And he's not even 2 yet!

This brings me to the reason for this post....other than bragging on my awesome baby, that is! Yesterday, we discovered that Levi suddenly learned how to open all the doors in our house. Ahhhh!! Talk about chaos! I spent my day chasing the little monster all over the house. Normally, I keep the bedroom and bathroom doors shut and he pretty much can roam around the rest of the house all he wants. I spent yesterday about to pull all my hair out.

Levi is really pushing the boundaries of this new found freedom of his. He decided that 50 Q-tips needed a he threw them in the toilet. Meanwhile, I was trying to fix lunch. I heard a door open, but I figured it was to his bedroom. Nope. Needless to say, I was digging Q-tips out of the toilet which, not surprisingly in this house, someone forgot to flush. G-R-O-S-S!

Another room that is off limits to Levi is Caiden's bedroom. It's usually disgusting. I've given up trying to keep it clean; Caiden is just a natural slob, I guess. Anyway, while I was using the bathroom, Levi opened the door to Caiden's room, found his golf clubs, and proceeded to bang on the wall with the putter. So, as I was running out of the bathroom with my pants around my knees, he came running out waving the club back and forth. When he saw me, he did an abrupt 180, headed to the bedroom and slammed the door in my face. I guess he thinks I'm not as smart as he is and I can't open doors. :)

Then bedtime...ahhh. I love bedtime. Levi is my easy child when it comes to bedtime. Every night, we give him a bath, brush his teeth, give him juice cup, his "pity" (passie), and his "bees" (blankies), and he climbs in his bed, says "nite nite Mommy" and rolls over and goes to sleep within 10 minutes. No longer is this the case. Daniel and I spent an hour taking turns putting Levi back in the bed. I swear he got up 50 times, opened his door and came running out. We finally took the Nanny 911 approach and sat on the couch waiting for him to come out. Every time he opened his door and came barreling through the living room, we picked him up and put him back in his bed without a word. It was horrendous!! He screamed, kicked, hit, and made me and Daniel feel like terrible parents. Eventually, he realized that we were waiting right outside his door, and he would open it a crack, peek out, and when he saw us he would slam the door and run back into bed. Over. And. Over. Ahhh! It was a complete nightmare!! Eventually he wore himself out and went to bed. Daniel and I went to bed and giggled for quite a while at how funny it was.

I looked up door knob covers online, but they won't fit our knobs because they are an odd shape. Daniel suggested we buy new door knobs, and I told him he was an idiot and we just need to teach Levi not to open the doors. However, after only being awake for a couple hours and I've already run myself ragged trying to keep the Qtips and the golf clubs in their proper place, I think he might be onto something.

Oh, the joys of raising a genius. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What We Do When We're Bored...

When Daniel and I first got together, we were always on the go. When we got bored, we loaded up the four wheelers and headed out riding, went to the mall, went to see a movie, or went bowling. Now that we have grown up a bit, started a family, and are completely exhausted and broke...this is what we we have stooped to in order to curb the boredom. For those of you who don't know us...we're really not this ugly. I laughed so hard I think I peed my pants...

Hey, it's a hell of a lot funnier than going to the mall!!! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


~A blogger friend of mine, Kristi, posted an "Irritating" post a while back, and I thought I would hop on board and do the same!!~

You know what's irritating??...
When you sit down on the toilet after having your morning coffee, and someone left you a 4x4 square of toilet paper. Now what the heck am I supposed to wipe with that???
When you are expecting a big chunk of money on your taxes and, in the hopes for paying off your bills before the outrageous amount of interest is applied for the month, you do your taxes early...only to find out that there was a huge mix up at work and the W-2's are nowhere to be found. Not only that, but they give you a substitute W-2 that you can't even use, and no one will give you an answer.  
When your husband insists on shaving his Paul Bunyan beard right after you thoroughly cleaned the bathroom sink...and then doesn't even bother to clean up all the little hairs. 
When you are a day late paying a $20 bill and it costs you an additional $35....this should be illegal. 
When your instructor counts off eight, yes eight, points for not using Times New Roman font. Come on, lady....give me a break. Does it really matter that much??
When you get in the shower, get your legs all soapy and ready to be shaved...only to find that the razor is on the sink.
When your eight year old finds it enjoyable to provoke his little brother to scream at the top of his lungs.
When you go to light a cigarette, and the pack is empty. I think we may have a ghost who has yet to kick the habit.
When your 2 year old has no interest in any of his toys, until you start cleaning them up and he then proceeds to dump out everything in the floor. Then walks away.
On the other hand, do you know what is wonderful...?
When you know your husband loves you with all of his heart and would do anything for you, even if he isn't the cleanest person in the world. 
When your 8 year old knows you are stressed about your upcoming term paper, and he writes you a note with a big heart on it that says "I hope you get a 100".
When your 2 year old says "mommy" and gives you a big hug.
When your mom is so wonderful that you can't imagine life without her.
When you love your job as a stay at home mom.
When you absolutely love the friends and family you have, even if they are a bit dysfunctional
When you can't imagine a better life, even if it is irritating at times. 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Weather, Please Go Away!, To Do List, and Weekend Plans

For the fourth time this week, school is closed due to bad weather. Normally I wouldn't mind because it gives me the chance to sleep in and be lazy with Caiden. However, since we were out of town last weekend for Taylor's gymnastics meet {read how AWESOME she is here}, I have A LOT to catch up on. Although I love Caiden with all my heart, I have to admit that he is driving me insane...which I think he might be doing on purpose {grin}. Anyway, I am on a mission today to get my house clean, finish up a ton of homework, and tackle the monster in my laundry room that resembles a pile of clothes.

I'm afraid that we might lose power for a while this weekend, so here is my to do list for the day:

Finish my reading assignment in World Lit (30 pages...ugh!)
World Lit discussion
Write history paper (double ugh!)
Wash, fold, and put away laundry
Clean up kitchen from last night
Clean bathrooms (Finished that before 8:00 this morning...whoo hoo, I'm on a roll!)
Clean bedrooms
Wash sheets

{I think I may be setting myself up for failure!}

This weekend could either be busy, or the whole house will develop cabin fever, depending on the weather. If it clears up, Caiden has a game tomorrow. Sunday is Taylor's meet, and we conned Junkman into watching Levi so Daniel and I can both go (YAY!!!). Sunday evening is the Super Bowl, and I got a bunch of fattening food to cook...which I am thoroughly looking forward to eating. If the weather stays bad, I guess we still have some good food to eat...that is, if the power doesn't go out!!

Have a wonderful weekend!