Tuesday, December 15, 2009

End of the semester...finally!

I am so happy that I just submitted my final paper of the semester! Requiring your students to complete finals, papers, and projects this close to Christmastime should be outlawed. Who has time for that?? Then again, if I had my priorities straight and had managed my time a little bit better, I might I have been done a long time ago. But hey, who can blame me? I just got so caught up in the Christmas spirit that I decided to write out Christmas cards instead of complete a paper that's 35% of my grade {Eeek! I am terrible, aren't I?}

But whatever, it's done...now I can concentrate on what's really important this time of year; my family. Amanda and I are still working on finishing up that {top secret} project for {that special someone}. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow! My dad is coming over Saturday evening for us to celebrate Christmas {yay!}, and hopefully I can con Nana T into letting me come over on Sunday so she can help me wrap presents...I have so many that I just don't know how I'll get them all done by myself! Plus, Nana is AWESOME when it comes to wrapping presents, and she can make mine look super pretty. {Hint Hint Nana...don't act like you didn't see this post! :) }

Next week, I promised Caiden that since I am done with the semester, we will spend all week hanging out, baking Nana's shortbread cookies, reading Christmas books, and watching Christmas movies {A Christmas Story is our favorite!}. I can't wait! Poor Caiden tends to get lost in the mix sometimes since I stress so much about my schoolwork. I hope that the next two weeks will be good for him and I to reconnect.

{Just so you know, I do realize that, for some reason, my words get cut off in the middle and it jumps to the next line...so aggravating, but I've yet to figure out how to fix it!}

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