Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Highlights!

This weekend was a blast! We had a lot of fun hanging out with the family and the weather was gorgeous.

On Friday morning, Levi and I headed over to Caiden's school for his honor roll assembly. Caiden made the A/B Honor Roll and was rewarded for perfect attendance! He also received a reading award for accomplishing his reading goal of 20 minutes per night for the month of October. Of course I forgot to take my camera with me to the ceremony, but I managed to snap a couple of pictures with Caiden and his awards when we got home. We are so proud of you little buddy!

Friday afternoon held a couple of chaotic moments. While Caiden, Levi, and I were wrestling in the floor, Levi managed to bump Caiden's nose. This ended in a messy nosebleed. While I was busy trying to get Caiden situated and clean the blood off the carpet, Levi dissapeared. We found him in the tub (fully clothed!) giving himself a bath. What a little sneak.

After the nosebleed/bathtub fiasco, Daniel and I took Caiden out for a reward dinner at Golden Corral to celebrate his first honor roll acheivement. Junkman (my father in law...more on that name in a later post!) , Uncle Kelly, and his daughter Kaylie joined us. The food was great, but Levi wasn't. I felt really sorry for that waiter who had to clean up after us. It was a total disaster!

Saturday was a lot of fun. It was the playoffs for Caiden's flag football league. His team hasn't had a very successful season so we were hoping for a win Saturday. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. But Caiden and his teammates played an AWESOME game and have every reason to be proud of themselves. They really gave their opponents a run for their money. Caiden even got an interception! He also got a couple of flags. He has really improved and we are looking forward to next season! Now that football is over, basketball begins! Basketball is my favorite and I think it is Caiden's true sports talent. Hopefully we will have another great season.


Thanks to Aunt Meanda for her awesome pictures! She's awesome!!

After the game on Saturday, we all went out to eat and then headed over to Eric and Amanda's (my brother and sister in law) so that Daniel could fix his truck (Be looking for the "My Husband's Crappy Vehicles" post in the future!). Levi and I attempted to take a nap, but apparently Caiden and Taylor (my niece) do not understand what "please be quiet, we are taking a nap" means. Oh well. Taylor and Caiden headed home with Nana Terri to spend the night, which is always a treat for them.

Sunday was an early morning...Eric and Daniel headed up to "the mountain" to cut some lanes and throw out corn and Amanda and I got up early to go get Taylor and Caiden and drop off Levi at Nana Terri's. Then we all got some breakfast and headed off to the gun show in Hickory. Nana bought Taylor and Caiden matching jackets to wear and they looked so cute! I wish me or Amanda had gotten a picture.

The gun show was a lot of fun...Taylor and Caiden actually enjoyed it! Caiden got himself some old army gear, and hasn't stopped blowing up the yard yet :). Eric and Daniel both managed to talk their pushover wives into letting them buy something (even though Amanda proclaimed LOUDLY and SEVERAL TIMES that no one was buying anything...we were just there to look. Ha, yea right. Amanda...we really need to stop being so nice. :) After a long day of gun "looking", we grabbed something to eat and made the 2 hour drive home. I slept (of course) as did Caiden. We picked Levi up from Nana Terri and Pap-paw's (he had a great time, and I am sure Nana and Pap-paw were wore out). We all came home and went straight to bed.

What a great weekend! I wish that I had more pictures to post...from now on, I am going to keep my camera with me at all times so I can post the pictures here. Hope everyone had a great it's back to reality...loads of laundry, dishes, and homework. Blah!

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  1. I'm so mad at myself for not getting the picture of Taylor and Caiden in their jackets...they both had on their blue jeans, too...Taylor's hair was cute...I had my camera with me and everything! I guess I'm afraid that everbody's like..."Oh, here we go with the camera AGAIN!" Next time...I'm not going to care...You needed that picture for your blog, and I needed it for my life is good today Album!


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