Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Beautiful Rainy Day

Yesterday was Veteran's Day so Caiden had a day off from school. We had planned to spend the day at the park, but I guess the weather had different plans. It went from beautiful, sunny, and 70 degrees on Sunday to dreary, rainy, and what felt like negative 50 (not really, but ya know I had to exaggerate!). So, Caiden and I decided we would just have to hang out inside. It was a pretty good day, other than Levi feeling pretty puny.

The kids woke up and were pretty disappointed when they realized that we definitely wouldn't be going to the park for the day.

(Don't mind the hair, Levi has killer bedhead.)

So my mission for the day was to try and make it fun, since it's not very often that Caiden has a day off.

We made some yummy pankcakes...

             Caiden making the batter...

So handsome!

As I was taking this picture, I said "try not to make a mess"...

Oops, he made a mess. :)

Levi hanging out watching cartoons while
we made the pancakes...

Chef Caiden.


The finished product!

The boys enjoying their pancakes (love Levi's expression!)



After breakfast, the kids watched a movie on my computer while I did some laundry and watched "A Baby Story". That show is on like ALL day, and I can never peel myself away from it! I guess that might be one reason why I have baby fever!!

Around 11:00 Levi started running a fever, so I gave him some tylenol, laid him down for a nap, and Caiden and I made a pizza.

           (Apparently I have killer bedhead too!!)

After we ate our pizza, Caiden and I curled up on the couch and watched "Aliens in the Attic". (Cute movie!!)

After the movie, Levi woke up and was quite grouchy. His fever came back, so I spent the rest of the day nursing a sick baby. Caiden kept himself occupied in his "man cave/rocket ship" :)

Poor little Levi really started feeling yucky right before supper.

He laid in front of the TV watching Noggin all evening. Poor baby!

All in all, it was a great day. Even though Levi wasn't feeling well, Caiden and I managed to spend some time together and stay cozy on this bitter, rainy day. Levi is still feeling yucky this morning, and I am waiting on a call from the nurse. I am hoping that it isn't the flu.

I hope you all stay warm and dry!


  1. You did better than I did yesterday Rachael...poor Taylor, before I even knew it, it was time to take her to gymnastics and we hadn't done anything together! I love the pictures...and the watermark! Picasa is AWESOME! I'll talk to you later...I hope Levi doesn't have the flu too! Love you!

  2. What an awesome rainy day--well spent--and I enjoyed sharing it with you and the boys. Thanks 'hurried Mom' for letting me be there!


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