Friday, November 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 2)

1. Only a week until Thanksgiving! As I said last week, I am having dinner here this year. I am starting to get nervous because since I have had so much homework this week, I haven't been able to make a meal plan. I am the kind of person that HAS to have a plan or else I start panicking. And when I panic, it' not good. Luckily, Mom has gone through her recipes and it's just a matter of delegation.

2. Basketball has started! Caiden has his first practice tonight at six. I am super excited! Basketball is Caiden's best sport. He is super talented and I hope that his coach this season is as good as the one last season. I am really looking forward to game season!!

3.  I am working on getting my finances in order. In the past month, I have incurred 3 late fees...I am pissed! They really were my fault, and I was able to get them refunded because I have a perfect history with the credit card companies. It wasn't that I didn't want to pay them or that I couldn't afford to, I am just so disorganized and I paid them a day late. So I am working on a notebook to get everything organized so that I can find everything easily (instead of digging through mail a mile high in various piles throughout the house). Hopefully we will have everything but our mortgage and my car payment paid off in February. I will be so relieved...I HATE paying bills. It is so stressful and irritating.

4. My car is disgusting. This isn't unusual, but it is exceptionally disgusting this week. I opened my doors the other day, and the smell of something rotten almost knocked me and Caiden over. The culprit: 7 juice cups full of fermented juice. As Levi would say, "DROSS!!!". I really don't know why or how I let my car get so bad...I just hate cleaning it! Some people hate cleaning toilets...I hate cleaning my car. I have to clean it out today though because I need to go grocery shopping. Ewww.

5. Amanda and Taylor are coming to stay the weekend while the guys go hunting. Yay! I'm excited...I hate being at home by myself when Daniel is gone. Hopefully we will be able to go see New Moon (I have a love/hate relationship with this craze), and maybe get some planning done for our winter pictures. Amanda and I both bought our Nikons last year so that we could take our own pictures instead of paying outrageous amounts for a pro. It's been a learning experience, but we get a little better every time. We need to hurry though, I would like to have them up before Christmas!

6. I am going to be slammed for the next few weeks with finals. I have a paper to write, a novel to read, 3 exams to take, 2 discussions, and a BIG project due. I wish I hadn't waited until the last minute...especially since Christmas is right around the corner and I still have quite a bit of shopping to do.

7. Speaking of Christmas....I have officially got the holiday spirit! Caiden and I have been listening to Christmas music, and we watched Rudolph the other night. I am always early...I can't help it! This is my favorite time of year. I hope that we get some snow this year.

One more thing...I am no longer watching the news. It depresses me and makes me feel like crap. The world is just not what it used to be, and I refuse to dwell on it. I don't care how cut off I am, I enjoy my little life in the woods and I would rather just not know what is going on in the world and be happy than be up to date and miserable. To hell with 2012...I'll be nice and cozy at home if a giant tsunami wants to wash me away. I would rather not know what hit me!!

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Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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