Thursday, November 5, 2009

100 Things You May Not Know About Me (And may not care to know... :)

A lot of people in the blog world have posted this "100 Things" post, so I thought I would hop on the bandwagon and do the same. Plus, it gives everyone who doesn't know me a little look into who I am. Enjoy!

  1.   I have extremely smelly feet.
  2.   I am terrified of sharks. I have a secret fear that one is going to come up out of the toilet and eat me.
  3.   I love the smell of clean laundry.
  4.   I am guilty of leaving many a load of laundry in the washer for too long and then the clothes stink. So much for the smell of clean laundry.
  5.   I spend WAY too much time on the computer (obviously).
  6.   I love Willow Tree figurines.
  7.   My favorite movies are Fried Green Tomatoes, The Holiday, Where the Heart Is,The Notebook, Little Miss Sunshine, Finding Neverland, A Christmas Story, and Beauty and the Beast. 
  8.   I have to clip my husband’s toenails because he won’t do it himself.
  9.   Christmas is my favorite time of year.
  10.   I had my oldest son Caiden when I was in high school. He saved my life and I am thankful for him every day.
  11.   I talk to my mom almost everyday.
  12.   I talk to my sister in law almost everyday.
  13.   I love onions.
  14.   I love pizza.
  15.   I love food in general.
  16.   I love to eat. 
  17.   I love to sleep, but I hate waking up late...I always feel like I’ve missed something.
  18.   I am a complete wreck without my morning coffee (and my midmorning coffee, and my afternoon coffee...).
  19.   My husband makes my coffee for me every morning. (What a sweetie :)
  20.   I absolutely LOVE watching Caiden play ball. I wouldn’t mind living at the ballfield. 
  21.   If I could afford it, I would have 10 children.  
  22.   I really want a girl.
  23.   I always forget (or neglect) to take out the bathroom trash.
  24.   I HATE when my husband leaves his beard hairs in the sink.
  25.   I LOVE cleaning out Caiden’s ears.
  26.   I am very impatient and impulsive.
  27.   I have a very dirty mouth (sorry mama!).
  28.   I have to shower everyday or I am absolutely miserable.
  29.   I apologize constantly when I am sorry. Sorry. Sorry. So sorry!
  30.   I repeat myself often. 
  31.   I repeat myself often :)
  32.   I think gasoline stinks.
  33.   I hate water spots on the kitchen sink. Drives me crazy!
  34.   I am addicted to Facebook.
  35.   I love Harry Potter.
  36.   My brother Chris lives in Thailand.
  37.   I miss him terribly.
  38.   I love to scrapbook.
  39.   I love to hunt. 
  40.   I’d kill someone without a second thought if they harmed one of my children.
  41.   I don’t know what I would do without my mother...she is my rock.
  42.   I love the beach.
  43.   I am extremely emotional.
  44.   I like to cry.
  45.   I tell my sister in law EVERYTHING.
  46.   My niece is my mini me. 
  47.   I have a weird obsession with reality tv. Any reality tv.
  48.   I think I am a hypochondriac. At least I admit it.
  49.   I am always forgetting things. 
  50.   I am halfway through this list (only halfway??).
  51.   I have Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. Yea, say that three times fast. 
  52.   I can call my brother Eric anytime, and even though he acts like a badass he would do anything I asked him to. He is my guardian angel.
  53.   I love the sound of bones popping.
  54.   If I get it in my head that something needs to be popped, I HAVE to pop it, right then.
  55.   Hold on, I’m popping my fingers. 
  56.   O.k., I’m back.
  57.   I like to walk down the laundry detergent aisle very slowly. (See number 3.)
  58.   Sometimes when I go to the store and leave the kids with my husband I drive really slow and pretend that I am on vacation.
  59.   I love singing karaoke.
  60.   My husband babies me and I love it. 
  61.   I trust my husband completely.
  62.   I’m always tired.
  63.   Neither one of my children look anything like me.
  64.   I don’t think cuss words are bad.
  65.   I have terrible vision. And it sucks.
  66.   I am going to school to become a teacher.
  67.   I enjoy arguing with people about religion.
  68.   I am Pro-Life.
  69. I have extremely strange and vivid dreams.
  70.   One of these dreams led me to believe that there is a shark named Charlie living under my bed. Yes, I am serious.
  71.   I torture myself by watching horror movies and then being scared of the dark for a week.
  72.   My son thinks I am crazy. He proclaims it to almost everyone.
  73.   I have the most polite 19 month old you will ever meet. “Peese” and “Taint Too” are spoken by him approxomately 500 times a day.
  74.   I rarely fix my hair.
  75.   I rarely wear make up.
  76.   Number 74 happened after I realized that even if I fixed my hair it would still end up looking like a rat’s nest and smelling like peanut butter by noon. 
  77.   Number 75 happened when I realized that if I didn’t do it I could sleep an extra 5 minutes.
  78.   One day I will write a book. I have started about 7. 
  79.   One day when my kids are grown I hope that Daniel and I can buy an RV and travel.
  80.   If the Peace Corp accepts old geizers I hope to do that too.
  81.   I want to go visit my brother in Thailand.
  82.   I use A LOT of double negatives when I speak.
  83.   My lovely niece likes to point out when I use double negatives. 
  84.   I hate vacuuming.
  85.   I love to read.
  86.   I tend to be very morbid.
  87.   I am always starting new projects but I rarely finish them.
  88.   I like to eat supper foods for breakfast.
  89.   I like warm milk.
  90.   I hate being barefoot.
  91.   I love Twilight the movie but I think the book sucked and I have no desire to read the rest, but I will be in line to see the next movie.
  92.   I love flip flops.
  93.   I have a pair of jeans that I wear about 5 times a week because they are the most comfortable.
  94.   My husband likes my butt in those jeans, so that’s an added bonus.
  95.   I love to have my back rubbed.
  96.   I love to pick fuzz out of baby toes. 
  97.   I like to play cars in the floor with Levi.
  98.   I like dogs but not in my house.
  99.   Most of my pictures in my house are crooked.
  100. I’m done :


  1. I could never do a top 100..good for you!!
    Just found your blog today. I will now be following!

  2. There should be 101 things...don't worry, I'll take care of #101

    101. I miss my sister-in-laws calls often. :)

    I've called you twice this morning...where are you???? Love ya!

  3. Thanks for following Kristi! Hope you enjoy...if you have any other fellow bloggers, send them my way if you don't mind. Thanks again, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Hey Rachael. Thanks for stopping by. Boy do we have a lot of things in common. Love #68. BIG thumbs up for that one! I'm so glad you like my headers. I'm looking forward to knowing you better. But I guess after reading that list, I know you pretty good, right?! :o) Take care. See ya around.

  5. I love warm milk too...I wish I could go see Chris in Thailand...I love supper foods for breakfast...and your babies and husband are very lucky to have are awesome!

  6. Thank you mom. You are so sweet :)

  7. 78. One day I will write a book. I have started about 7.

    We used to write books(stories) together, do you remember that? It was so long ago that we had to type them on a typewriter!!! Excited about following your blog....I love your story about Walmart Mommy!! =)Love you!

  8. LOL Em! I forgot about that! I guess it would be WAY more than 7!! I wonder what ever happened to all of those. It would be a lot of fun to read through them now!


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